H & S Group Inc is a comprehensive service company integrating customs declaration, inspection, warehousing, transportation, system development and platform operation. The company focuses on the operation and management of the logistics supply chain of high-end products, such as container transportation, China National Transportation Corporation, bulk transportation service bureau, warehousing service, import and export customs declaration, trucks, etc., and is committed to providing customers with professional, professional and professional services Efficient overall supply chain solution.
In the traditional transportation business model, the company injects modern physical thinking, and has formed the enterprise concept of "customers in my heart, goods in my heart" in the continuous exploration and development. With powerful fleet resources, excellent storage facilities, computer network management system and high-quality staff, the company has become a modern logistics enterprise integrating information and service.
So far, H & S Group Inc has its huge distribution network, serving more than 300 customers. No matter where your customers are all over the world, we can deliver packages to your customers and help you expand your cross-border business.


Cooperative customers




Range of experience



Pursuit of excellence

Speed, innovation, cost, quality, efficiency and effect are the basic conditions for us to obtain customer opportunities.

Company vision

Become a first-class cross-border logistics enterprise with international competitiveness!

Service concept

Regard service as the foundation of enterprise; Love industry, work hard and be good at it.


One stop service, committed to providing customers with professional and efficient solutions.

Fast and efficient

The transportation is guaranteed and efficient.

Safety economy

The transportation is guaranteed and efficient.

Professional service

The transportation is guaranteed and efficient.